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Case of the Month - Kevin

November 29, 2021

Meet Kevin!!

A loveable, sweet, and playful cat, Kevin's beginnings were not all that easy. Kevin was born a stray cat and was living out on the streets.

On 4/30/2021 he was found limping across the road after he was witnessed being hit by a car. The good samaritan grabbed Kevin and quickly rushed him to Summit Blvd Animal Hospital where he was triaged immediately. Once out of danger, there was still one major problem to contend with. Kevin sustained a severe fracture in one of his knees. Dr. Eric Schnirman, one of the veterinarians at SBAH, stated that his biggest concern was that the fracture involved the growth plate which may cause deformity or poor growth of that limb. Arthritis was also a concern of his.

With careful planning for this orthopedic surgery, on 5/4/2021, the fracture repair surgery was performed.

The surgery was very successful!! We are very happy that it is time for Kevin to find a permanent loving home. As social and playful as Kevin is, he is just as social and playful with other cats and small dogs. We will miss him in the hospital for sure, but more so do we look forward to having this special cat in a loving home.

A Quote from Kevin: "I am a social user of catnip, but I swear it is not a problem" If you are interested in giving Kevin that perfect home, please contact us here at SBAH (561-439-7900).