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Does your dog limp on the hind leg?

June 08, 2022
Getting ready for Halloween

Meet Luke!

Luke is a highly energetic and playful 2-year-old male Labrador mix. One day after playing outside, Luke came back into the house holding his right hind leg up off of the ground. Obviously, with concern, the owner brought Luke over to Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital. Upon
evaluation and x-rays performed by Dr. Eric Schnirman, a clear diagnosis was made. Luke had ruptured his Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) of the knee. The CCL is equivalent to the ACL ligament of the knee in humans. This ligament is considered the main stabilizer of the knee.
Without this ligament pain and chronic arthritis will ensue. The CCL rupture is one of the more common hind leg injuries to the dog. Although we do not know the exact cause of CCL rupture in dogs, research speculates this is caused by a slow progressive weakening of the CCL like
the fraying of a rope. Multiple factors are incited in this injury, one being from years of constant forward thrust of the tibial bone of the knee.

Although CCL ruptures are generally an injury in middle-aged dogs, they can also occur in young dogs such as Luke.

After the assessment of Luke's general health and blood tests, Dr. Eric Schnirman determined that "Tightrope" stabilization of the knee for Luke's ruptured CCL would be a great procedure. The following week, Luke's "Tightrope" Stabilization of the knee for ruptured CCL was performed.

Great news!! The surgery was a success!!

Here is Luke taking advantage of the moment. He is obviously enjoying the extra attention and cushy couch.

With the three months, of post-surgical recovery and extra special loving care, Luke's right hind leg came back to normal full function. Luke is back to being that fun energetic/ playful pup, he once was.

Here at Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital feel it is our privilege to care for our furry family members of our community. We take pride in the services we offer. If your pet at any time exhibits any signs such as Luke, please contact us here for an evaluation.