Awards & Accreditations

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellent Service!

We are blessed with many loyal clients who travel far to come to our hospital. From as far north as Jacksonville, to as far west as Tampa, and as far south as you can get in Key West! We are blessed with all of our pet patients and clients that travel long distances to bring their dear pets to us for quality veterinary medical care. Even today we still have many clients who started using our veterinary medical services in August 1986, during our house call practice era, prior to building our first animal hospital in May 1987. We consider all of them family members.

We want to thank each and every one of our clients, both new and old, for loving pets like we do. We also want to thank all pet-loving families for the trust and privilege they place on us and allow us to provide medical care for their pets.

We hope that we have made a difference for each and every one of our pet patients and their owners, and we all look forward to another 25 years of veterinary medical excellence in the wonderful state of Florida.

Awards & Accreditations

It is our mission to diagnose fast, treat, and prevent diseases in our pet patients in a manner tempered with seasoned veterinary professionalism.

For over 28 years, Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital has been a proud member of the American Animal Hospital Association. All AAHA hospitals are inspected regularly by trained professionals to make sure they meet AAHA's high standards for hospitals and veterinary care. These "Standards of Excellence" are important for the overall health care of our patients.

Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital is also proud to be awarded as an AAFP Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice. A Cat Friendly Practice encourages and facilitates good quality veterinary care for cats.

In addition, Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital is a Green-Friendly Facility. The hospital is 100% digital (including diagnostic equipment and our in-house lab), and it was designed for the placement of over 75 windows that take advantage of natural light to decrease electrical needs. Energy-efficient light bulbs are also used where necessary. Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital is committed to its part in helping the environment.