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Case of the Month - Stella

November 01, 2021

Meet Stella!

Stella had a long history of urinary problems and skin issues. Not only did her condition affect Stella's quality of life, it was also a stressful situation for her owner to watch her family member go through this.

Understanding Stella's diagnosis!

Stella was diagnosed with a Recessed Vulva. A Recessed Vulva is an abnormal skin conformation in which folds of skin and fat hang over the vulva, creating a moist and warm environment in which it allows bacteria to proliferate and develop infections of the skin fold. This infection causes pain, discomfort and leads to other medical conditions such as Vaginitis, Urinary Tract Infections, Leakage of Urine and Foul Odors coming from the pet. Stella unfortunately had all these conditions.

Normal vulva vs Recessed (Abnormal) vulva

Recessed vulva can truly cause serious medical conditions in which chronic use of pain medications and antibiotics are necessary. Frequent use of some of our medications needs to be closely monitored as they can be potentially damaging to the body organs. Over usage of antibiotics can cause bacterial resistance which is a serious problem that prevents Doctors from using some of our great life performing a surgical procedure called Vulvoplasty (aka Episioplasty).

What is a Vulvoplasty (Episioplasty)

Vulvoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct the structural abnormality of the Recessed Vulva. It is performed by removing the excess tissue covering the vulva which allows the vulva to be exposed to the air and prevent retention of urine. This normal healthy exposure of the vulva makes it a harsh place for bacterial growth and therefore prevents infection from occurring.

Stella's Post Surgical Results!

After proper planning and execution of the plan, Stella's vulvoplasty surgical procedure was a success!! The chronic infections and great discomfort all have resolved after this life changing vulvoplasty! Stella's mom had this to say "Amazing recovery and she hasn't had an infection since and is so much healthier and happier. I am so glad that I did it for her. Improved her quality of life tremendously ".

We at Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital are very happy to provide such procedures and help for Stella and her family. If you have such concerns or others, know we are here to provide the latest medical and surgical needs for your family members as well.

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